The EnviraGrow Community Farming Initiative provides education, experiential learning, and workforce development training in the field of agriculture, business, engineering, manufacturing, health, and wellness. The initiative is focused on the purpose of access to healthy foods to maintain one's health and wellness, by learning how actually to build the EnviraGrow indoor farming system, how to grow using the EnviraGrow indoor farming system and how to sustain income with the EnviraGrow indoor farming system.

In December 2017, we were awarded by Governor Terry McAuliffe the Rural Rehabilitation Trust Fund Grant from the Commonwealth’s Rural Rehabilitation Trust Fund (RRTF). This fund is managed by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS).

This grant has been awarded to the EnviraGrow Sustainable Community Farming Initiative to pilot Agricultural Workforce Development and Training through Specialized STEM and Vocational Instruction. The initiative’s goal is to: link farming communities in Central Virginia with food insecure communities while building a community farm-to-table model that will be sustainable and replicated inside public schools to continue assisting with providing access to healthy foods for all communities in the future.

This Month's Featured Partner: The Junior League Of Richmond