Our Method

Aquaponics is a growing method by which plants, fish, microbes and composting worms are grown in a closed ecosystem connected by recirculating water, in a controlled environment without soil.  Compared to any other agricultural methods Aquaponics can grow produce 30% faster, the plants tend to be robust, and of good health. These methods eliminate the use of traditional fertilizers and chemical additives, as the ecosystem in an Aquaponics system would be destroyed if the balance between organisms were disturbed.  Water use is dramatically less than traditional agriculture and tightly controlled and monitored to provide the best and most essential nutrients to the plants in the safest and most efficient manner.  In Aquaponics the only added nutrients are those less plentiful in waste produced by fish, Fe and Mg.

Hydroponics is one of the parents of Aquaponics, but doesn’t rely on fish to produce the substance which contains the nutrients that allow for verdant growth, rather the grower adds nutrient solutions directly to the water circulating through the plants.

The controlled environment of the warehouse protects the plants from uncontrollable outside elements such as adverse weather conditions and insects, helping to greatly minimize the need for pesticides and herbicides. Only organic pesticides and herbicides are used when needed. This means that the produce is fresh, safe, nutritious, and available throughout the year.

This Month's Featured Partner: The Junior League Of Richmond