Why Envirable?

Located in Richmond Virginia, Envirable Grow Systems, LLC. is working hard to build product solutions that are able to transform dependency based neighborhoods into centralized virtual food hubs; that harvests, not only hyper-local fresh vegetables, but also creates transformative resiliency of low income communities from within

Nutritious for the Whole Family

The controllable environment of our product solution will allow us to protect the plants from external factors and minimize the need for organic pesticides and herbicides. The water used to transfer nutrients to the plants is tightly controlled and monitored, resulting in produce that’s highly nutritious, safe and delicious.

Better for the Environment

Aquaponic growing methods greatly reduce the amount of land needed and water consumed when compared to conventional and organic farming, showing 90% less water used than in soil gardening. The indoor growing environment reduces the need for harmful pesticides and herbicides and the fact that our produce is grown locally also greatly helps reduce our carbon footprint from transportation.

This Month's Featured Partner: The Junior League Of Richmond